Awakening To Your Soul's Journey

Stephanie Saeks
Stephanie Saeks has been a successful psychic and healer for over 40 years. Since age four, she has had direct Spirit communication has has helped thousands of people. She also has her Master's degree in Reiki Healing. She teaches beginning and advanced metaphysics and has conducted healing and empowerment seminars in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida and Arizona. She takes women's groups for life-transforming experiences and personal growth to Sedona, Arizona. Stephanie is known across the country for helping countless people through her psychic and healing powers as well as personal spiritual counseling. Your life could be next. Contact Stephanie for your personalized reading.

Channeled From Spirit - A Message For You
Our challenge in this lifetime is to live out our uniqueness.
Our bodies are our personal road maps.

They tell us where we’ve been, the experiences we’ve had and the lessons we’ve learned. Every wrinkle, every line and every scar are needed personally to allow us to live the lives we have chosen. Even weight goes into the equation. Honor who you have become and love yourself while on your journey through this lifetime. Your choices have been your gifts and your lessons to fulfill in this incarnation.

Allow those around you to read your story – to know your soul. Pass on these important words. Take the time to read their story. Eliminate the negativity and judgment. Unconditional love for ourselves and others is the highest plateau we can reach on this earth plane.This is everyone’s ultimate lesson.

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