Women’s Englightment Group

Awaken the Potential Which Lies Dormant Within You

First Evening

First Full Day

• Welcome
• Discovering the circumstances which brought us together and the path we will be traveling
• Setting your core intentions through ceremony
• Guided meditation and more

• Morning meditation
• Reconnect with your Spiritual Essence
• Opening and balancing your Chakras
• Removal of emotional blocks
• Reclaiming your power
• Messages from Spirit

Second Full Day

A unique Experiential Day begins with many surprises beginning with sharing and meditation.

At the completion of this workshop, you will find you have eliminated unwanted beliefs and painful memories to allow abundance and prosperity into your life. No one will go away unchanged.

Metaphysics and You

Introduction to an Incredible Journey

First Evening

First Day

• What is metaphysics?
• Your Guides and Teachers
• The Secret of Meditation
• Psychometry – using the ability within

• Guided Meditation
• Psychic self defense, precautions and protections
• Etheric Double – The body within
• Chakras – Seven energy points
• Chakra balancing
• The Silver Cord
• Spirit Communications
• Psychometry

Second Full Day

• Guided Meditation
• Reincarnation
• Three Phases of the Bardo – Where do we go?
• Auras
• Dream work
• Psychometry

Your Psychic Development

Thirteen week course. Please contact Stephanie for the upcoming schedule.

Find the answers to your most important questions while gaining insight into all aspects of your life.

Join me on an incredible journey into your soul. Discover how to make contact with your personal Spirit Guides, Teachers and Angels to receive guidance.

Past lives are real and can often create direct influence in your current life, due to encoded memories and information in our genetic structure. Learn how reincarnation is the process of the Soul’s development…lifetime after lifetime of polishing and refining your soul.

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