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Stephanie Saeks
Healing is available to all those who seek it.
Answers and knowledge about life are always as close
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Stephanie’s insight and accuracy will astound you

You will receive visible and emotionally tangible insight of who you are and uncover your Souls Journey. Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with your loved ones, guides and teachers. All your questions will be answered, Unlock your past and heal your future. Your lessons will be revealed to you. Take the next step on your journey. All personal readings whether in person or via the phone cost $85.00

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Stephanie's Accomplishments Include:

  • First woman to judge the Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament in Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • First woman realtor in Lansdale, Pennsylvania
  • Owned two successful businesses
  • Responsible for numerous Real Estate sites as Vice-President of Sales and Marketing
  • Director of Public Relations and Operations for a placement service while managing three offices & sixty employees
  • Developed a corporate service program for women re-entering the job market.
  • Wrote and published a telemarketing manual in coordination with Ohio Bell Telephone Company
  • Deans list during her college studies


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