How To Meditate

What is meditation? Our bodies are made up of the physical, mental and spiritual. It is the attuning of the mental body and the physical body to its spiritual source. It is the practice of quieting our physical bodies and our minds and focusing our attention inward instead of upon the material world around us. Prayer invites God to work through us. Meditation is clearing aside all random thoughts so that we might become more attuned to the Creator. Meditation is listening to the Creator within. Your intent is extremely important when practicing meditation. Meditation is a way to become connected with the “light,” to know peace, to express divine love to not only ourselves, but with better interactions with one another. Through meditation we can know and understand we are all creators. We create our own realities.

Meditation allows us the ability to interact and make contact with those that are with us to help on our personal journey. You may acknowledge them by any name you wish; Spirit Guides, Angels, Teachers, Creator, etc. We are all a part of a greater energy. We are all here seeking our personal spiritual paths. Keep in mind that in most cases it is the journey we take that teaches us our lessons, not the destination.

To begin meditation, first get into a comfortable position. It is best to sit in a chair keeping your spine straight; your feet flat on the floor and keep your eyes closed. Find a comfortable place for your hands. I prefer palms up resting in my lap. Slowly take three deep breaths in counting to six – hold for six and exhale out of your mouth to six. With your mind, search your body for any tension or tight muscles. You may massage the areas or visualize them relaxing.

When you feel relaxed, begin to focus your mind on one single, peaceful thought. For example you can say “I am peaceful” or “I will be still and feel relaxed” or “God is love”. These thoughts are called affirmations. Think about the words “I am peaceful”. After a few moments of thinking the words, you should be able to move into the second stage of meditation, which is feeling the words and their meaning.

In this second stage, try holding the peaceful feeling in silence. Gently bring your focus back to the words each time your mind begins to wander. Don’t be discouraged. It will take time to teach yourself to be able to think about only one thought. Spend anywhere from three to fifteen minutes trying to hold the affirmation silently. Longer meditation periods will become natural after you have practiced.

To end your meditations, consciously send out good thoughts or prayers to other people or situations in your life. Slowly move your hands, start to move around and open your eyes. Begin to practice meditation daily, it will become easier and you will begin to notice that the sense of peace inside of you during mediation will begin to carry over into a greater portion of your day.

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