I would highly recommend Stephanie as a reader, counselor and guide. She’s one of the most in-tune with Spirit people I have met. I am an intuitive myself so the reader I trust must be clear, focused, honest and have my best interest at heart. That is Stephanie. She told me things ten years ago that have come to pass and are still coming to pass now. She has true vision and I would recommend her to anyone with no worries at all. She’s been a blessing to me and I know she will bless you as well.

-- Jeanne W.
Dayton, OH

This note is to let the reader know that I am so blessed to know Stephanie. She has been a steady guide for me the past ten years. I have encountered several major challenges in my life and she has been able to share the path for correction and happiness. One event, my brother-in-law was murdered on 911. She assisted me through this crisis and helped to bring peace in my soul. She is a treasure and I believe can help anyone through their road of life! I always know she is there to turn in the best and worst of times! I adore her!

-- Toni E. RN, BSN, ATS
President of Toni & Associates

I have known Stephanie for over 12 years. I call her my Spiritual Guidance Counselor. I met her at a time in my life when I was grief stricken, due to many losses. She helped me realize that my family is always with me and that I am never alone. She helped me heal and now my spirit is soaring. My work with her has led me on a wonderful journey and I am now able to help others using my intuitiveness. Her readings are accurate and inspiring. You will never forget your time spent with her.

-- Terry A.

Stephanie is the most inspiring and accurate psychic I have known. I had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie over 10 years ago. Our paths crossed through a mutual acquaintance and instantly we knew we were sisters. Over the years she has helped me grow spiritually. I always knew that I had a special gift, which Stephanie helped enlighten through training and sharing of knowledge. If we follow what we already know, our gifts will embrace us. She has been consistent with her messages. Teaching to go within for your own messages and always follow your intuition. Her readings are extraordinary, she is on target, with names provided and information that is correct. She is an outstanding spiritual leader and teacher.

-- Marlene C.

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